Nearby Sights

Skala Sykamineas (13,5 km)

Small fishing village with picturesque taverns and the famous church of Panagia Gorgona, on the big rock. There is over 130 years “the mulberry of Myrivilis”, where the well-known writer Stratis Myrivilis sat and printed the stories of the inhabitants.

Σκάλα Συκαμινέας
Ταξιαρχης Μανταμάδου

Archangel Michael Monastery in Mandamados (11 km)

In the village of Mantamados there is the Holy Monastery with the miraculous relief image of the Archangel, which according to the tradition is made of clay from the blood of the monks and slime.

Waterfall of Man Katsa (18 km)

One of the largest waterfalls on the island, the waterfall named Man Katsa with the dark-colored rocky cliffs, about 20 m. high, is awe-inspiring to the visitor.

Καταράκτης Μαν Κατσα
Μουσείο Βιομηχανικής Ελαιουργίας

The Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production of Lesvos (23 km)

The Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production in Lesvos, in village named Agia Paraskevi, highlights our industrial heritage in the oil industry and integrates it into the wider architectural, social and cultural context of the era.

Molyvos or Mithimna (26,4 km)

One of the most prestigious traditional settlements. Built amphitheatrically, with its stone-paved alleys, its magnificent shops, its picturesque harbor and its castle dominate majestically on the top of the hill, offering magnificent views of the Aegean as well as the most beautiful sunset.


Temple of Panagia Glykofilousa (26,6 km)

In the picturesque village of Petra there is the sacred temple of Panagia Glykofillousa, built on a rock of forty meters, where 114 steps have been carved into the temple. Many are the legends that testify how the sacred icon of the Virgin Mary was found on the rock

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